Objectives of International Initiatives:

  • Share and transfer knowledge, skills and techniques.

  • Enhanced research capabilities and creation of new knowledge

  • Potential application of research output for the benefit of communities

  • Cross-fertilize ideas which can generate new insights to provide better outcomes

  • Enhanced intellectual companionship and peer recognition

  • Increase the visibility of work including dissemination of information and knowledge through formal and informal networks, publication and route to end use activities

Promoting and linking University of Minnesota with Kisii University.

Strategic partnerships with organizations and people that share our vision help MKIDA support the communities we serve.

  1. Extension services:

    • A USDA funded project, the University of Minnesota in collaboration with Kisii University, 200 rural women have received training on cultivating, planting, caring and harvesting of horticultural products.

    • A leadership training on value chain management and how women can organize themselves into coops for marketing purposes.

  2. Faculty exchange and resource support:

    • Faculty from the University of Minnesota visit Kisii University regularly

    • 500 volumes of Law books were shipped to Kisii university law school.

    • Two containers of reading and reference materials shipped to Kisii University.

  3. Student exchange:

    • Through MAST program students from Kisii University attend the University of Minnesota for one-year practical training.

    • U of M students travel to Kisii for several weeks on learning and research projects.

International Initiatives /

University of Minnesota & Kisii University Collaboration