Future for farmers in Kenya

During that trip she realized a great need for sustainable practices in Kenya’s growing economy. The soils were depleted of nutrients, there was an ever growing need for nutritional food, and large agriculture practices were not compatible to the many small landholders. Catherine believed creating educators would be an effective approach to helping the farmers make better decisions for their futures, increasing productivity and healing the land. Through her connection with Engineers Without Borders, she began conversations with farmers in Eshinkonga. They expressed a desire for an agricultural program to improve the economic welfare of the people, and the planning for an introductory class began.

Catherine then met Jane Nyachae from Mesimba, Kenya while in Minnesota. Jane expressed a desire to have a program of sustainable agriculture brought to her Mother-land. Jane is a member of MKIDA, Minnesota Kenyan International Development Association <http://http//mkida.org/> , working to improve the educational, economic and cultural welfare of Kenyan Americans and their fellow Kenyans. Jane introduced Catherine to MKIDA and became a partner in Mindful Generations’ first trip to Kenya, where the village of Mesimba was added to the planned trip to Eshikhonga.

Read More at: http://www.mindgens.org/?page_id=675

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