Mentorship Goals


New families immigrating to the U.S. face many challenges. Despite having an educated background, they are forced to start working in unskilled occupations for low wages and long work hours to support a family. As a result, they have no one to help with homework, help them assimilate into the new culture, and guide them on how to navigate school and life challenges.  MKIDA’s mentorship program will connect young people with mentors who will offer academic and professional advice to help them overcome these circumstances and succeed.


MKIDA is determined to inspire and empower young people by developing and cultivating their talents and abilities through mentorship system.  A mentor is an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with his or her less experienced mentee.  Mentors serve as role models who have lived through similar circumstances, worked to overcome them, and have found success. Ultimately, young people should develop into productive and responsible adults who are capable of positively contributing to the community.

The mentorship program offers two options to best accommodate busy schedules and take geographic distance into account.


Face to Face Mentoring: This is for youth aged 10-14 years. Under this system mentors and mentees agree to a one-year commitment to see each other once a month and communicate by phone or email at least once a week.


One-to-One Online Partners Mentoring: This is for youth aged 14-24 years.  Under this system mentors and mentees agree to a one-year commitment.  They are expected to email each other twice a week and see each other three to four times a year.


Young people who need to be matched with a mentor are encouraged to meet with the MKIDA Board.   The board assesses the needs and aspirations of the mentee and finds the best match for them.  Adult mentors go through the screening process which includes an interview, criminal history and reference checks.  Participants are paired according to their common interests, career aspirations, hobbies and geographical proximity.  Mentors are required to attend mandatory training sessions offered by MKIDA.

Inspiring young people to develop their 

talents and abilities

Parent Group Program 


A MKIDA parent group programs meet’s in a regular basis. The goal of the parent groups is to provide support and information to parents as they meet the challenges of helping their children transition to adulthood. The parent groups host discussion, guest speakers, and training sessions in topics such as adulthood, recreational opportunities, and preparing for college and jobs. Parents also plan social events as well all geared toward strengthening family unity and improving relationships.

Empowering the Youths 



We aspire to find new ways to reach our youths and empower them with skills and tools to succeed. They get encouraged to initiate and run projects and participate in leadership activities.