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Gusii Economic Development Initiative

The Theme of the 1st Southwestern Kenya Economic conference is: “The Role of Gusii Diaspora in alleviating poverty and bring sustained development in Gusii.”

In 2006, the Government of Kenya launched Vision 2030, with the aim of transforming Kenya into an industrialized nation by 2030. It aims at revolutionizing the country to accelerate social and economic gains to meet vision 2030. To accomplish this, all regions in the country must maintain unprecedented levels and sustained economic growth and transform themselves toward achieving vision 2030. The Conference was designed to bring together individuals, potential investors and stakeholders to deliberate on the effective initiatives in the development of Gusii in line with Vision 2030

At the conference, we explored investment opportunities, the economic and commercial landscape, and the growth engines that can transform Gusii into an economic hub. Gusii is at the cross roads regarding its development and unless intervention measures are found; the region might become the largest ghetto in Africa South of the Sahara. We must confront this issue now and build on our comparative advantages to realize this dream. There will be several presentations followed by illuminating discussions to map out an agenda for Gusii.