"Education is the way to move mountains, build bridges and

​change the world."

- Oprah

Graduation Gala


The gala is a yearly event meant to showcase graduates from the previous academic year. Graduates at all levels of completion are honored by family, friends and community members on their sacrifice and commitment toward education. The event is also used to encourage others to seek education as a pillar for success. MKIDA invites speakers who promote education and inspire the community to aspire for higher academic goals.


Career Development:

As high school students prepare to enter college they face a myriad of challenges including choosing a college, an area of study, how to pay their tuition. MKIDA strives to offer avenues to explore these issues. Local colleges, universities and professionals from the community share experiences and information to students, parents and other community members. MKIDA endeavors to enable:

  • High school students to ask and discuss struggles in their academic journey and how to overcome them.

  • Discuss what to consider while choosing careers.

  • Learn how to balance work and academics.

  • Share challenges encountered in work environment and how to deal with them

  • Provide college/university entrance information

  • Provide a range of resources on various fields of study

  • Offer information about scholarship and grants

  • Answer critical questions about occupations in work settings and challenges affecting young immigrants.




Guest Speaker

We seek guest speakers at the gala who are professionals to articulate the value of education. This is a person in academia or any other profession who can inspire graduates and their relatives on the theme of the day. The speaker will also award certificates to graduates.



MKIDA awards scholarships at the gala to current college students as an incentive to keep striving to seek higher education. Recipients must prove they are or will be attending college to participate in the program