International Initiatives

MKIDA’s international programs challenges new immigrant settlers to give back to communities they came from. MKIDA’s vision is to maintain the leadership role in sharing information with stakeholders and promote participation in the diaspora towards the advancement of educational opportunities in Kenya.

 MKIDA Education Gusii objectives:

  • Promoting a reading culture in rural schools.

  • Linking the University of Minnesota with Kisii University on shared projects.

  • Cooperate with students, parents, teachers and School Boards to improve educational standards.

  • Promote the sharing of teaching and learning materials and resources

​Operation Gusii Books

In 2009 MKIDA embarked on a journey to give back. Operation Gusii Books; is a Project meant to help a Gusii Child with a book to read and as supplemental reference materials. Because of the generosity of the community and other well wishers and in line with MKIDA's "Giving Back Initiative", hundreds of thousands of books have been shipped and distributed to rural Kenya.


Promoting a reading culture

MKIDA collaborates with schools to ensure children have access to reading materials to help them master English skills before they sit for national exams. With free primary and secondary education schools are overcrowded and lack resources, and this has had an impact on performance in national exams. In partnership with Books for Africa, MKIDA continues to ship books to rural schools in Kenya. Over 240 small libraries have been established in primary school secondary schools and polytechnics.