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Education Gusii

Our education initiative focused on the Gusii Child. Individual Kisii pupils do well in schools outside Gusii but Gusii schools are not performing well in national exams. Over the years the number of primary and secondary schools has grown exponentially. In 1993 there were 679 primary schools and 134 secondary schools in Gusii. Today there are over a 1000 primary schools and over 400 secondary schools and enrollment increasing. With the reintroduction of free primary education, most primary schools are overcrowded. Most schools in Gusii lack essential amenities and resources thus reducing the ability of pupils to compete effectively in national exams. Female enrollment in secondary school is at 45%. Because of poverty primary school is the highest level of education open to most children. Private schools and academies have grown in number in Gusii since parents perceive public school teachers do not take their child’s future seriously. Renowned schools such as Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho, Kisii High School, Nyabururu, Keriri which were marvels in the community are not doing well in national exams.


MKIDA’s Education Objectives; Kenya (Gusii):

  • To promote the general advancement of good education practices in Gusii including facilitating the exchange of information and otherwise.

  • To cooperate with the Government, Teachers Service Commission, Kenya Examination Council, KNUT on matters concerning the quality of education in Gusii.

  • To cooperate with universities, other educational Institutions and Public Educational Authorities for furtherance of Education and Training.

  • To cooperate with students, parents, teachers and School Boards to improve educational standards in Gusii.

  • To promote the sharing of teaching and learning materials and resources.

  • To do all other things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects or any of them.


  • Sponsored an orphaned student join Alliance High School

  • Sponsored an Internally Displaced person(IDP) join Cardinal Otunga High School

  • Hosted Gusii Education Conferences for the Gusii Diaspora which lead to the formation of GEAR(Gusii Education Advancement & Resources)

  • Shipped a 40 foot container of educational materials from US to Kenya