Dr. Gerald Nyachae Ondimu


Dr. G Nyachae Ondimu is a Capital Markets Loan Administration Manager at Wells Fargo Bank NA at its Minneapolis Regional Corporate office. An avid community volunteer, he has volunteered at MKIDA since its inception in 2003. Previously G Nyachae Ondimu has served as President for Mwanyagetinge USA a non-profit organization that serves Kenyans in Minnesota. G Nyachae Ondimu earned his BA from Egerton University Njoro – Kenya, an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University - Wisconsin and Doctorate in Business [Finance and Economics] from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Dr. David Kimori

Vice Chairman

Dr. David Kimori is currently an assistant professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Dr. Kimori serves as a Board Director for Minnesota Kenya Development Agency (MKIDA). He earned his undergraduate in Bachelor of Education Science in Physics and Chemistry from Kenyatta University, Kenya in 2007. In 2011 he attained masters in Science Education from the University of Minnesota and later proceeded to get a PhD from the same university in STEM Education with an emphasis in Science Education in 2016.  Dr. Kimori has over ten years teaching in high school and has supervised teacher candidates in middle school and high school science. He has also served in two school boards as a board secretary and board chair.

Minnesota Kenyans International Development Association (MKIDA), is a non-profit organization that works to improve education, economic, and cultural welfare of Kenyan Americans. Founded in 2003, MKIDA strives to provide connectivity among communities in Minnesota.



MKIDA’s mission is to foster social and economic growth in the community through mentorship by promoting education, community involvement, and healthy living.


MKIDA’s vision is to encourage Kenyans in the diaspora to participate in the promotion of literacy, health standards, and community involvement. MKIDA instills and enhances communal responsibility by encouraging a culture of giving back to the community. MKIDA achieves this through:

  • Facilitation of educational opportunities and recognizing excellence through annual graduation galas, career networking opportunities and awarding of academic scholarships

  • Fostering an understanding and appreciation of our culture and values

  • Serving as a resource through youth mentorship; training and parental group programs

  • Increasing entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and investment among young Kenyans in Minnesota and the diaspora.

  • Initiating and promoting relationships with individuals and organizations to foster inter-cultural exchange, academic learning, and research.

Board of Directors

MKIDA's all-volunteer Board of Directors meets monthly to ensure efficiency in organizations operations. The boards diverse experience and expertise has contributed immensely to MKIDA's projects successes.

Lavendah Okwoyo (M.S)

Vice Secretary

Paul Morande (B.S)

Executive Secretary

Lameck Omariba (M.S)


Lameck Omariba joined the Board of Directors in 2007 after being inspired by the positive, constructive work MKIDA did in education, health, mentorship for the youths in Minnesota and the promotion of literacy to under-privileged students in the world through books for Africa.

Lameck works for Great River Energy as IT SD Analyst II.  Lameck earned his Master’s in Project Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, undergraduate degree in computer information systems from Metropolitan State University of Minnesota. Also, Lameck has a diploma in Building and Construction management from Kimathi University; Diploma in Architectural and Drafting from Minneapolis community and technical college: Certificate in Information Security and Assurance from Capella University and is a certified Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Lameck regularly volunteers in his community and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to MKIDA efforts to provide assistance to graduates in resume writing and job searches.

Kennedy Gisemba

Board Member

Is an Assistant Director  at Minnesota Department of Revenue. He received an MBA from St. Mary’s University and a BA in Accounting from Metropolitan State. As a founding member of MKIDA, he enjoys inspiring people to volunteer and make a difference in the community. He strives to enhance mentorship programs for youths and encourage community members to give back to communities they came from and live in. Education being a base of a flourishing future he endeavors to invest and promote activities that encourage young people to seek productive opportunities. He believes in team work and promotes an environment where each board member contributes optimally.

Marcellus Mayaka (MS)

Board Member

Hesbon Simba (M.E.D)

Board Member

Richard Oganda (M.S)


Henry Kerandi (MD)

Board Member

Jared London (MS)

Board Member


Dennis Okindo

Board Member